Fun Facts

Las biocápsulas de levadura se pueden hacer de diferentes tamaños. Depending on biocapsule formation conditions and the purpose of the use of biocapsules, the biocapsules can be made to be the size of a salt grain to a ping pong ball.

Biocápsulas pequeñas

Small biocapsules may be desirable when fermentinginside the bottle. For example, cava and sparkling wine made with the traditional method completes secondary fermentation inside a sealed bottle. In this case, smaller biocapsules will be ideal because they can fit in the mouth of the wine bottles. Once the fermentation is done, the small biocapsules can be easily taken out through the process of disgorging, where yeast sediment is collected at the neck of the bottle and removed from the wine.

Large biocapsules

Large biocapsules may be more optimal for fermentation in large tanks. Visually they can be more noticeable and handled easily in industry scales. The use of the large biocapsules and easier management of yeast could decrease the time and volume of product lostduring the process of filtration and clarification.

In symbyo, just like how we can customize the type of yeastinside the biocapsules, we are able to customize the sizeof the biocapsules by tweaking some conditions during the formation process.