Recycle Reuse Reduce

At symbyo, we keep in mind the importance of being active in ecologic, environmentally friendly bioeconomy. With the science and research we do in our labs at the University of Cordoba, we hope to contribute actively to the mindset of keeping sustainable, renewable practices.

The yeast biocapsules are the key that can help us achieve these goals. In 2019, our team (formally called “Yeast Biocapsules”) placed as a finalistin the prize of PREMIOS DE INNOVACIÓN & TRANSFORMACIÓN EN ECONOMÍA CIRCULAR in Andalusia, Spain. This prize recognizes our business plan as an innovative technology that complies with the basic principles of the circular bioeconomy.

Here are three key facts that make biocapsules a promising technology for the bioeconomy:

  • Biocapsules can be made by converting agricultural waste into value added products.

One of the key ingredients when making biocapsules are actually found abundantly in spoiled grapes! By utilizing these otherwise unusable crop, we hope to redirect this material in forming biocapsules. Research is still underway to investigate the possibilities.

  • Biocapsules can be reused up to 7 times.

In our lab, we have found that the same biocapsules can be used for seven different fermentations back to back without losing performance. This means we can reutilize and reuse the yeasts, making this a cost effective technology for our consumers and environmentally friendly for our planet.

  • Biocapsules can make biofuels.

Biofuels are a potential solution for mitigating and eventually replacing our current dependence on nonrenewable fossil fuels. One of the possible lines of research we are working on is to implement biocapsules in biofuel making.