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Symbyo is a business project that produces and commercializes yeast biocapsules, an award-winning, innovative technology for alcoholic fermentations. Symbyo started in Cordoba, Spain where the yeast biocapsules were discovered, specifically at the University of Cordoba. For some years, the scientists at the University realized the great potential of this discovery and now, together with a group of specialists in international commercialization, design and marketing, form symbyo.


Natural technologies that help fermented product industries create their products.


Efficient and robust products backed up by science.


100% active mindset in contributing to a green bioeconomy, sustainable and respecting the environment

Yeast Biocapsules

The yeast biocapsules is a technology for producing fermented products such as wine or cider. They are hollow spheres that conglomerate millions of fermentative yeast cells inside. This technology has been patented by the University of Cordoba (Spain) and differs from traditionally used systems because yeast biocapsules are completely natural, customizable for different kinds of yeast, easily manageable, and reusable up to 7 times. The power of biocapsules differs based on their application


Yeast biocapsules are hollow spheres with a porous wallto which selected yeastsadhere. This hollow structure easily allows flow of liquid (wine, beer or cider) between the exterior and the interior of the biocapsule, thus accelerating the fermentation process. Compared to a flat surface, the hollow spherical shape makes the biocapsules have greater surface area for adhesion, and more yeasts can immobilize or attach compared with other conventional systems. Also, there is an added benefit of personal customization, where the user can select the yeast to immobilize including fermentative, flocculant, biological aging, and sparkling wine yeast, etc.


Yeast biocapsules have an advantage over conventional systems used in alcoholic beverage production because:

  • It can help mitigate and solve stuck fermentations
  • Reduces filtration time
  • Has the ability to be reused up to 7 times


Yeast biocapsules have an advantage over conventional systems used in industrial fermentation products like bioethanol because:

  • Ferment faster
  • Produce more ethanol
  • Produce ethanol out of difficult to ferment sources
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